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Improve your 1-on-1 meetings with simplified scheduling, recommended questions, & automated reminders.

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Your 1-on-1 Meeting Assistant

Our easy to follow 1-on-1 meeting workflow is designed to increase employee engagement while reducing friction, allowing you to spend more time with your employees.

  • Add Employees

    Add each of your employees, including how often you’ll meet with them to connect 1-on-1.

  • Collect Responses

    Before each meeting, we’ll email your employees and collect their responses to that week’s questions.

  • Meet 1-on-1

    Upon collecting an employee’s responses, we’ll email you in preparation for your meeting.

Keeping my team engaged is the most important job I have as a manager, and Lead Honestly has provided me the tools to do so tenfold.

Will Little
Will Little
Co-Founder of Startup Rocket
Startup Rocket
Lead Honestly team member 1-on-1 meeting view Lead Honestly team view

Actively Engage with Your Employees

Proactive managers increase employee engagement by 30%. Let Lead Honestly help you actively engage your employees, beginning with great 1-on-1 meetings.

A good manager provides a platform for their employees to communicate openly and honestly about how they feel; good or bad. And that's exactly what you get with Lead Honestly. A product that facilitates better employee-manager discussions.

Kurt Cunningham
Kurt Cunningham
Co-Founder & Partner at Made by Munsters
Made by Munsters

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