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One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Each team member is unique—at different places in their career—and thus deserve to be mentored and coached differently. Playbooks offer unique questions tailored to all types of employees.

  • Always Relevant

    With Playbooks on varying topics, you may choose the Playbook that works best for each team member.

  • Always Convenient

    Team members are automatically notified of their meetings, and you’re notified when they’re ready to meet.

  • Always Customizable

    You’re in control. Choose how many questions you’d to ask per meeting, and write your own should you wish.

I’m in love with Lead Honestly. It’s been great to improve my relationship with my team each week with pre-written questions. The playbooks are genius. Keep up the great work!

Justin Harris
Justin Harris
Creative Director at Visionary
Lead Honestly Playbook dashboard topics

Playbooks for Every Need

Playbooks help your team members grow and evolve in their careers by asking them the right question at the right time. Our curated Playbooks cover many topics, including

  • Developing Leaders
  • Employee Happiness
  • Improving Performance
  • Employee Onboarding
  • Boosting Productivity
  • Relationship Building

I love the service. It’s simple, easy, and powerful. It makes a huge difference in my life as a founder who wants to lead well, but struggles to make enough time to do it. Lead Honestly gives me just the right amount of questions, even pushing me to be more honest that I might naturally ask.

Patrick Lowndes
Patrick Lowndes
Co-Founder & CEO at VendorHawk

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