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Analytics Around Your Team

Pulse Questions provide a quick and easy way to survey employees in real-time. By asking Pulse Questions every meeting, you can see what your team is feeling. These analytics help you build a healthy team.

  • Quick & Easy Check-Ins

    Ask Pulse Questions during 1-on-1 meetings for effortless adoption.

  • Real-Time Feedback

    Receive updates and provide continuous feedback in real-time.

  • Data-Driven Decision Power

    Leverage Pulse Question data and trends to influence data-driven decisions.

The quality of the questions has been fantastic and at times provoked conversations we would have never reached left to our own devices.

Jim Remsik
Jim Remsik
Founder of Adorable
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Monitor Progress & Track Trends

Simple yet powerful reporting allows you to keep an eye on your entire team. Measure progress over time and quickly recognize employees who need additional support.

Lead Honestly has not only assisted with relationship building, it has provided the foundation to have meaningful conversations that encourage employee empowerment and engagement, which is essential to growth.

Jess McPheron
Jess McPheron
VP of Product Development at Idea Buyer
Idea Buyer

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