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Get an understanding of how Lead Honestly works while engaging with your team.

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    Add an employee and we’ll email them five questions
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    You’ll get an email when they respond
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    Then meet for an engaging discussion

That’s it, simple enough.

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Add an Employee to Start Your Meeting

Upon receiving an employee’s responses you’ll want to schedule time to discuss them.

By submitting, you agree to the processing of your data in order to receive emails.

Our Email to Your Employee

From this email they’ll be directed to a page to privatively respond.
Upon responding, we’ll email you their responses.

I love the service. It’s simple, easy, and powerful. It makes a huge difference in my life as a founder who wants to lead well, but struggles to make enough time to do it. Lead Honestly gives me just the right amount of questions, even pushing me to be more honest that I might naturally ask.

Patrick Lowndes
Patrick Lowndes
Co-Founder & CEO at VendorHawk

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