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Meetings with Meaning

The most productive 1-on-1 meetings build on top of the previous, deepening the trust and relationship within the team. Use Action Items to ensure you never forget the outcomes and to-dos from a meeting.

  • Organize Employee Requests

    Remember who needs what, organizing each employee request.

  • Track Progress & Follow-up

    Know which Action Items have been, or need to be, completed at any time.

  • Build Accountability

    Build ownership and accountability, connecting previous follow-up items.

Lead Honestly gives me the discerning, fresh questions I genuinely need to better-serve my team. The tool and its nudge-style reminders never get in the way of their intended purpose. Best of all, my employees arrive prepared to meet, and we later conclude with a meaningful understanding of how to help one another.

Paul Tucker
Paul Tucker
General Manager at Integrity IT Solutions
Integrity IT Solutions
Lead Honestly Action Items for an employee 1-on-1

Better Communication with Your Team

Keep your team top of mind, knowing exactly who needs what at any given time, and ensuring you’re following up with them accordingly during every 1-on-1 meeting.

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