Grow mutual accountability by making your 1-on-1 meetings actionable

To-do lists, due dates, and follow-ups are trackable, actionable, and data driven

Lead Honestly Action Items for an employee 1-on-1

1-on-1 meetings with meaning

Remember who needs what—keep track of outcomes and to-dos from every 1-on-1 meeting

Lead Honestly Action Items individual employee action items Lead Honestly Action Items dashboard team to-dos

Simplify your calendar

The Google Calendar integration allows you to manage all your meetings directly
from your calendar—keeping you well prepared for your 1-on-1 meetings

Google Calendar invite created by Lead Honestly
Lead Honestly employee overview with Google Calendar integration

Manage your 1-on-1 meetings alongside all of your other meetings, in Google Calendar

Lead Honestly works where you work

Lead Honestly for Slack is designed to work with you and your team where you already work, inside Slack—we’ll send you a direct message when you’re available or email when you’re offline

Lead Honestly for Slack manager messages
Lead Honestly for Slack manager meeting digest message
Lead Honestly for Slack employee prepare message
Lead Honestly for Slack manager meeting notification message

Leaders love Lead Honestly

Only five-star reviews for their favorite 1-on-1 meeting platform