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Lead Honestly is a vital tool that allows me to connect deeper and broader with my team. The questions and path provided are well thought through, and I’m reassured that these questions are coming from proven leaders with a track record of building successful teams.

Mark Won
Mark Won
Managing Partner at Ascend Growth Partners
Ascend Growth Partners

Improve In-Person 1-on-1 Meetings

As a manager, 1-on-1 meetings are one of the most important meetings you can have to gain a deep understanding of your team. Make sure you’re engaged and providing the most value to your employees.

  • Ask Impactful Questions

    Increase communication and initiative by asking impactful questions in every meeting.

  • Gain Actionable Insights

    Discover actionable insights on how to improve employee and team performance.

  • Get & Give Feedback

    Gather feedback and provide mentorship to help your employees grow.

  • Motivate Your Employees

    Provide motivation for employees to reach greater outcomes and happiness.

  • Grow Relationships

    Learn about your employees and grow your trust and relationships.

  • Improve Accountability

    Increase employee and team performance by improving accountability.

  • Provide Recognition

    Share appreciation and recognition for noteworthy employee performance.

  • Stay in the Know

    Actively prevent issues by being prepared and knowing the pulse of your employees.

Learn How the 1-on-1 Meeting Assistant Works

Lead Honestly helps me ask the questions that get to the heart of issues with team members. Not only has it helped me solve issues and grow the business, but I’ve been able to drive deeper relationships with our team members.

Tom Cullen
Tom Cullen
Co-Founder of LaunchPad Lab
LaunchPad Lab

Managers Impact Employee Engagement

70% of an employee’s happiness is directly related to their manager, and when engaged these employees create significant increases across the entire organization.

  • 48%
    increase in
  • 22%
    increase in
  • 19%
    increase in
    employee retention
  • 17%
    increase in
    customer engagement

Creating and maintaining a good feedback loop with your team is critical for a leader. Lead Honestly helps ensure you are having meaningful conversations across a variety of topics in each 1-on-1.

Derek Groothuis
Derek Groothuis
Technology Executive & Manager at Prota Ventures
Prota Ventures

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