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Lead Honestly has been a great resource for conversation-inspiring questions and tools that helps managers truly understand their team members’ working styles, thoughts, and motivations. It’s been really helpful for managers to make the most of their 1:1s and to help their people grow.

Amanda Lannert
Amanda Lannert
CEO at Jellyvision

Improve In-Person 1-on-1 Meetings

As a manager, 1-on-1 meetings are one of the most important meetings you can have to gain a deep understanding of your team. Make sure you’re engaged and providing the most value to your employees.

  • Ask Impactful Questions

    Increase communication and initiative by asking impactful questions in every meeting.

  • Gain Actionable Insights

    Discover actionable insights on how to improve employee and team performance.

  • Get & Give Feedback

    Gather feedback and provide mentorship to help your employees grow.

  • Motivate Your Employees

    Provide motivation for employees to reach greater outcomes and happiness.

  • Grow Relationships

    Learn about your employees and grow your trust and relationships.

  • Improve Accountability

    Increase employee and team performance by improving accountability.

  • Provide Recognition

    Share appreciation and recognition for noteworthy employee performance.

  • Stay in the Know

    Actively prevent issues by being prepared and knowing the pulse of your employees.

Learn How the 1-on-1 Meeting Assistant Works

Lead Honestly gives me a great framework and organization around something I find important, good 1-on-1 meetings. Their suggested questions are smart and well rounded, and allow for thoughtful conversation.

Matt Pulley
Matt Pulley
CTO at Home Chef
Home Chef

Managers Impact Employee Engagement

70% of an employee’s happiness is directly related to their manager, and when engaged these employees create significant increases across the entire organization.

  • 48%
    increase in
  • 22%
    increase in
  • 19%
    increase in
    employee retention
  • 17%
    increase in
    customer engagement

Creating and maintaining a good feedback loop with your team is critical for a leader. Lead Honestly helps ensure you are having meaningful conversations across a variety of topics in each 1-on-1.

Derek Groothuis
Derek Groothuis
Technology Executive & Manager at Prota Ventures
Prota Ventures

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