Everyone Deserves a Great Manager

Learn about building relationships, empowering your team, and responding to their needs.

How to Have Your First One On One Meeting with an Employee

A comprehensive guide to starting with one on one meetings with an employee, including free templates and recommended questions.

  • How to Get Upward Feedback

    Much like team members need feedback in order to improve, managers need feedback in order to become better leaders.

  • I Intend to…

    Increase speed and quality of decisions by asking what others intended to do, not by giving orders.

  • Peer Performance Reviews

    Peer reviews gather feedback from those who are, in many ways, best-positioned to offer it, an individuals peers.

  • 9 Questions to Get to Know Your Boss

    You’ve joined a new team or a new manager is leading your team. How do you get to know them? How do you come to understand what they expect from you?

  • Advice for New Managers

    The skills that made you a successful individual contributor are not the same as those that will make you a great leader. That’s okay, a few small reminders will help.

  • Keeping Your Team Inspired

    There is no one-size-fits-all solution for inspiring a team to perform as every individual is unique. Getting to know what a team member values though, can go a long way.

  • Framing Feedback: The Situation-Behavior-Impact Tool

    The more specific you can be with your feedback, the more useful your team members will find it and the more likely you are to see a positive impact.

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